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If you’re looking for a guided trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, look no further than our selection of Kilimanjaro hiking adventures. Treks up Kilimanjaro include a variety of routes from popular hiking trails to difficult mountaineering expeditions but our range of Kilimanjaro tours and safaris also includes classic safari itineraries that take in a more sedate visit to the mountain’s foothills.

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Recommended Kilimanjaro Tours & Safaris

Luxury Kilimanjaro Lemosho Climb

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11 days
The grounds are quite beautiful, with purple blossoms in season. Tranquil and peaceful, Legendary Lodge has specious, beautifully manicured gardens to explore. After 9 days trekking on the mountain and sleeping in basic accommodation, a luxurious room like this is just the ticket! Your trek starts and ends with a night at relaxed Legendary Lodge, a welcoming and relaxed lodge just outside Arusha. The first few days you'll be hiking through a mixture of vegetation, from windy trails to forested, rocky uphills. The roof of Africa! An incredible sight awaits climbers at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. While much of the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro is wet jungle-like forests, the upper reaches are dry, rocky and very cold. As you climb towards Uhuru Peak, you'll gradually move above the cloud line - quite an amazing feeling.

Logistics team that sets up full camp, including mess & toilet tents. Cosy guest tents with mattresses.

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Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Luxury Kilimanjaro Machame Climb

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9 days
Legendary-Lodge-cottage-exterior Legendary-Lodge-outdoor-dining Legendary-Lodge-cottage-bedroom-interior The tents are well equipped for all sorts of weather, including super cold temperatures. The views of Kilimanjaro's summit is quite spectacular, and you'll see angles of the mountain you wouldn't lower down on the plains. The early stages of the hike takes place in dense forest on the lower slopes; watch as the scenery changes as you ascend. A happy-looking hiking group stands at the Machame Hut sign, looking forward to the next stage of the ascent. While specialised training is not necessary, it's wise to ensure you're fit and hiking ready before tackling Mount Kilimanjaro.

Walk through an indigenous Afromontane forest. See the Shira Plateau.

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Arusha Kilimanjaro Tanzania