Why Visit Nyerere National Park?

Africa’s Largest National Park

Remote, raw and filled with wildlife, Nyerere National Park is Africa’s largest game reserve. Yet unlike the iconic destinations of Tanzania’s northern safari circuit, it remains relatively unknown to outsiders.

Phenomenally wild and beautiful, the defining feature of Nyerere is the great Rufiji River which creates a series of interconnected lakes and palm-fringed channels. The river teems with wildlife: Jurassic-size crocs bask on sunny sandbanks, elephants browse on swampy islands, storks and spoonbills patrol the shallows, and exposed mud banks are covered in crimson clouds of carmine bee-eaters. Consequently, many Nyerere safari lodges lie on or near the river and offer boat safaris along with game drives in open-top vehicles.

Nyerere National Park is one of the best holiday destinations in Africa, here are our reasons why:

1. Every Kind of Safari

Walking safaris in Nyerere National Park, Tanzania | Go2Africa

You can expect authentic safari adventures here. Nyerere isn’t subject to the restrictions that govern Tanzania’s other national parks, so along with game drives and river cruises, you can go on guided walking safaris that last anything from a few hours to a couple of days with a night of rustic fly-camping. There’s not much that can beat the thrill of being on foot in big game country, but you’ll be in the company of armed rangers and expert guides.

  • Game drives are included in virtually all safari packages and off-road is permitted, getting you closer to the action.
  • Boat safaris gliding serenely on the mighty Rufiji River.
  • Photographic safaris are the best way to preserve your safari memories.
  • Guided walking safaris give you an up-close encounter with Mother Nature and her delicate intricacies.


2. Exceptional Safari Lodges & Camps

Luxury accommodation in Nyerere National Park, Tanzania | Go2Africa

Whilst your Nyerere safari takes you into pristine wilderness away from city life, you can still enjoy luxurious accommodation in such inaccessibility. Nyerere has some amazing safari lodges and camps located in distinct areas of the park, some having won international awards. There is a fantastic range of choice from the ultimate in pampered safari luxury to the more authentic and simplistic.

In general, safari camps and lodges in Nyerere offer extremely high standards of personal service. Camps tend to be small, boutique-type properties that operate to the highest eco-friendly standards. Mid-range properties have more lodge-like features and tend to be larger with swimming pools, spacious common areas and could even have purpose-built spas. All will keep you as close to nature as possible, in some cases only separated from it by canvas.

  • Stay at some of the most luxurious safari camps and lodges in Tanzania.
  • Escape to the best off-the-beaten-path destination that provides unrivalled exclusivity.
  • Revel in exquisite accommodation and enjoy delicious food.


3. Some of the Best Game Viewing on the Continent

Wild dogs in Tanzania | Go2Africa

The sheer scale of the Nyerere National Park is difficult to imagine. Nearly four times the size of the Serengeti, this massive conservation area is home to Africa’s Big 5 and all the top predators – lion, wild dog, cheetah, leopard and spotted hyena. And the animals are present in large numbers too: a Nyerere safari is fantastic for sightings of large elephant and buffalo herds as well as healthy populations of hippo, giraffe and sable antelope.

Nyerere National Park is home to a small number of black rhinos but due to their skittish nature and love of thick habitat, you have to be incredibly lucky to encounter one here.

  • Keen birders are in their element on a Nyerere safari, with approximately 450 species recorded.
  • Nyerere National Park boasts one of the largest populations of endangered wild dogs.
  • Impressive concentrations of predators stalking the herds.


4. Easy Logistics & Convenient Add-Ons

Game drives in Tanzania | Go2Africa

Despite its remote location and rugged wilderness, Nyerere National Park offers surprisingly easy logistics for visitors. A fly-in destination, the park is easily accessible by air from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, with several flights per week landing at the park’s dedicated airstrips. Once in the park, you can choose from a range of accommodation options, from luxury lodges to simple tented camps, all of which provide comfortable and convenient bases for exploring.

  • Combine a Nyerere safari with a visit to Ruaha National Park or Katavi – other savannah parks that are equally as wild as Nyerere.
  • Easily add on Mahale National Park, a pristine rainforest reserve on Lake Tanganyika, complete with chimpanzees, forest birds and dazzling clouds of butterflies.
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