About Me

I grew up in a village in the foothills of South Africa’s famous Drakensberg so a passion for our continent’s raw beauty was instilled in me from a young age. After moving from one World Heritage Site to another – to Mkuze Game Reserve in the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park - a career helping others explore and appreciate Africa was a natural calling for me.

My passion for travel started with our annual family road trips from kwaZulu-Natal to the Western Cape. It's really not only about the destinations that you travel to: it's the whole journey and the things you get to experience along the way. I love good food, good company, campfires and a wide-open sky!

Where I have travelled

My most recent trip took me back in time as I travelled the breadth of South Africa on Rovos Rail. The nostalgia and old-world charm of the railway was a different experience altogether in comparison to trips into the Masai Mara and Serengeti. It really made me appreciate the diversity our continent has to offer.

In the years that I have been at Go2Africa, I have had the privilege of travelling to nearly every corner of the country of my birth, South Africa. In sub-Saharan Africa I've been lucky enough to explore the Okavango Delta in a mokoro in Botswana, swim in the mighty Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, hang off the side of Victoria Falls at Devils Pool in Zambia, climb the highest dune in Namibia and toasted the sun from a dhow in Mozambique. In Tanzania and Kenya I have witnessed the Wildebeest Migration and hot-air ballooned over the plains. I have travelled to Africa’s ‘Kingdom in the sky’ – Lesotho - and explored Mauritius and the Seychelles’ abundant marine life.

This year I will return to Namibia to explore the Skeleton Coast and Sossusvlei.

My favourite travel moment

I honeymooned in the Seychelles and will never forget hiring a bicycle on La Digue. We explored every inch of the island, and where bike paths vanished, the ‘bundu-bashing’ began. These adventures, with flippers and snorkel in hand, often ended on an unexpected beach miles off the beaten track without a single soul around.

What I love about Africa

Even though I have travelled to six continents and over 40 countries, Africa remains unlike any place I’ve been to - it's a melting pot of people, cultures and heady scenery. I believe that anyone that visits Africa will find their own life-changing moment, and another reason to keep coming back.

Some African travel advice

Besides the smell of rain, billions of stars in an endless sky and wildlife in their natural habitats, embrace the feeling of just being in Africa. Leave your watch at home - you are on ‘African Time’ now.