Venture into Hwange National Park, a Zimbabwean safari jewel that promises to exceed your expectations in every way, including where you stay! Accommodation in Hwange National Park ranges from luxury safari lodges to comfortable tented camps - something that our African Safari Experts can combine to tailor-make your perfect safari.

Somalisa Expeditions Camp in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe | Go2Africa

Escape into the wild | Somalisa Expeditions Tented Camp

Classic Tented Camps vs Luxury Tented Camps

The type of accommodation you settle into will depend entirely on you and what you want to experience. Luxury tented camps entice safari-goers looking for all the comforts and luxuries of a 5-star-hotel in the bush, while classical tented camps may be more fitting for experienced safari-goers looking for a rugged and on-the-ground experience.

Luxury Tented Camps

Luxury tented camps offer a sophisticated and comfortable safari experience, combining the thrill of wildlife encounters with the indulgence of well-appointed tents. You can expect spacious rooms complete with en-suite bathrooms, plush furnishings, and all the modern amenities you would typically find in a lodge or hotel:

  • Blends both adventure & luxury
  • Great for first-time safari-goers
  • Diverse options for honeymooners, couples & families 

Classic Bush Camps

Classic bush camps provide a more authentic and immersive safari experience, emphasizing a connection with nature in its purest form. These camps are more rustic, blending in with the surrounding environment and allowing you to experience the wilderness in its raw beauty:

  • More intimate & authentic
  • Quieter & lesser-crowded safari experience
  • Off-the-beaten path

Browse our selection of top Hwange National Park camps & lodges below or simply get in touch with one of our African Safari Experts to help you find the one that’s right for you: