When is the Best Time to Visit Malawi?

The best time to visit Malawi is during the drier months from early May to late October. This is a cooler time of year with sunny days, pleasant evenings, and perfect temperatures. The winter period of this season can be chilly in the north of the country, but down on the shores of Lake Malawi you can expect warm, dry days and great balmy weather. This is also the best time to go to Malawi for game viewing, as much of the vegetation has thinned out and animals can be found concentrated at rivers and permanent waterholes.

Month-by-Month Guide for Traveling to Malawi

Visiting Malawi from January to March

Sunset over Nyika National Park in Malawi

The rainy season is in full force by the beginning of the year in Malawi, with impressive thunderstorms occurring daily. Unfortunately, most of the lodges on Lake Malawi are closed in January because of the wet weather.

Malawi is in the middle of its green season in February. Anyone planning to visit Malawi at this time of year can expect to see colourful orchids coming into bloom across the country’s valleys and female herbivores nurturing their newborns. This is an ideal time for those who would prefer to miss the busy season and secure low rates for accommodation, if you can handle the wet weather.

March is still a time of heavy rainfall in Malawi which starts to calm down towards the end of the month before the dry season. This is not regarded as safari season but the largest park in the country, the Nyika National Park (in northern Malawi) experiences better weather conditions. Nyika’s varied terrain is perfect for trekking, mountain biking and 4×4 adventures.


Visiting Malawi in April & May

Elephants at a drink hole in Mvuu Lodge in Malawi

The countryside begins to dry out in April as the heavy thunderstorms begin to subside, which make way for more stable temperatures. This is the last month of the hot rainfall season before the very popular dry months begin. April is a great time to visit Malawi for a safari, as antelope can be seen in the national parks and it's not unusual to view dramatic encounters of males clashing with one another over the right to mate with females.

When visiting Malawi in May, you will arrive at the start of the dry season. This is highly regarded as the best time for a Malawi holiday. The rains have ended and left behind a lush, green landscape, while mist floats down from the highlands into the great valleys and plateaus of the countryside.


Visiting Malawi from June to September

Kayaking on Mumbo Island on Lake Malawi

The days are long and filled with sunshine for anyone visiting Malawi in June. The temperatures do drop in the evenings and the mornings and it’s common to see log fires lit in the parks, at the Malawi resorts and on the beaches. This is a great time of year for a visit to the Liwonde National Park for a safari in Malawi. Liwonde is renowned for its prime viewings of crocodile, hippo and elephant.

The cooler weather continues in July, with no rain, clear skies and hardly any mosquitos. This is peak safari season when wildlife viewing is at its best but despite this, the parks are not too crowded. A morning game drive can be rather cold until things warm up, so it's advisable to dress warmly.

The weather starts to warm up in August. This is the perfect time to visit Lake Malawi as the ideal temperatures offer great conditions for watersports, Malawi tours and sunbathing. Animal herds increase in numbers during this time of year and can often be seen by the water’s edge.

Evening temperatures rise rapidly during September – the days are sunny, and extremely dry. The annual Lake of Stars Festival takes place and runs for three days in September. Held on the shores of Lake Malawi, the festivities attract over 4,000 attendees and hosts musical acts from all over Africa.


Visiting Malawi from October to December

Snorkelling in Lake Malawi at Mumbo Camp

October is a great time of year for a holiday in Malawi. This is one of the warmest months, but is the perfect time to visit one of the country’s many game parks. The wildlife is abundant during this time as the dry weather draws the herds to the local water sources.

During November the first few storms begin in Malawi, which marks the start of the hot summer rainfall season from November to April. Many migrant bird species make their way from north of the equator for a more hospitable climate and create a birdwatcher’s paradise. This is the best time to visit Malawi for snorkeling as underwater visibility is at its clearest.

If you're planning to visit Malawi in December, be prepared for very hot and wet weather. The rain does become more regular through Christmas, and we would advise that this is not the best time to visit Malawi. However, this is hatching season for crocodiles and any nature enthusiast wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to witness the unique spectacle of baby crocodiles taking their first plunges.


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