Why Go on a Malawi Vacation?

Lakes, Landscapes, Wildlife & Culture

One of Africa’s smallest yet most beautiful countries, Malawi is a true hidden gem and possibly the continent’s most underrated travel destination. A common theme found among travellers who arrive in Malawi have left the country singing its praises.

The Southern African country is famous for its smiling, friendly people, and its slow and easy approach to life, as well as its extraordinary freshwater lake and its exceptional natural scenery. Malawi’s inherent likeability has earned it the moniker, ‘Warm Heart of Africa’. It’s this magnetism that makes holidays to Malawi an unforgettable experience for first-timers to Africa and seasoned safari-goers alike.

Malawi vacations have so much to offer visitors. Animal lovers can encounter the immense marine life in Lake Malawi and the diverse wildlife in the game reserves. Nature lovers will get to soak up breathtaking views of the untouched forests, pristine beaches, and tranquil water of the lake. While those with an adventurous spirit will love taking on a wide variety of activities, including sailing, snorkelling, and kayaking. And with Go2Africa’s ability to craft tailor-made Malawi tours, you can have the vacation of your dreams.

Discover our favourite reasons to book vacations in Malawi:


1. Barefoot Luxury on the Sunny Beaches of Lake Malawi

Tranquil water and pristine beach of Lake Malawi, Malawi.

Lake Malawi is undoubtedly the biggest drawcard on any Malawi holiday. Covering a whopping 30,000 square kilometres (11,583 square miles), Lake Malawi is Africa’s third-largest freshwater lake. It offers barefoot luxury on pristine beaches – in a landlocked country hundreds of kilometres from the coast!

The giant, freshwater lake is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to the largest number of fish species of any lake in the world – with approximately 1,000 different tropical marine life swimming in its depths. When stepping onto the palm-fringed, powder-soft sandy beaches on Lake Malawi, with its azure water and laidback, tranquil atmosphere, it can be easy to mistake this beautiful spot for a tropical island paradise.

Holidays in Malawi that are spent by the lake are akin to those of a resort in Seychelles, Mauritius or one of Mozambique’s idyllic archipelagos. Spend your days soaking up the sun on the beach or enjoying water-based sports in the tranquil lake water before heading back to your luxurious accommodation. Lake Malawi hotels and lodges offer unmatched barefoot luxury in a private, secluded setting.

The best time to visit Malawi is between early May and late October. During this period, Lake Malawi experiences the ideal climate of mild to warm with little chance of rain and a low risk of malaria.


  • Enjoy a laidback island retreat away from the mass crowds that are seen by more high-profile destinations.
  • Barefoot luxury at rustic yet stylish accommodations situated right on the beach.
  • Water-based sports and activities, from diving and snorkelling to kayaking and canoeing.


2. Witness a Wildlife Safari Revival First Hand

Elephants spotted on a boat safari in Malawi.

In years gone by, poaching was rife throughout Malawi, with the country’s flagship park, Majete Wildlife Reserve being nearly desolate of life by 1992. Every elephant was gone, and few wildlife survived the rampant hunting that took place. In 2003, African Parks began work in the country to rehabilitate Malawi’s wildlife regions into ecologically, socially, and financially sustainable game reserves – a goal that was successfully reached with Majete.

After the successful revival of Majete, African Parks moved on to Liwonde National Park in 2015, reintroducing elephants, lions, hyenas, hippos, crocodiles, waterbucks, cheetahs, buffalo, zebra, antelope and rare black rhinos back into the region. After the great work done by African Parks, Liwonde stands today as a Big 5 reserve, offering classic game viewing by boat, on foot or in a 4×4 vehicle.


  • Liwonde is one of Malawi’s most popular parks and has recently undergone wildlife rehabilitation.
  • Enjoy a classic Big 5 safari in a pristine, untouched environment.
  • Great for those with an adventurous spirit who prefer off-the-beaten-track safaris.
  • View wildlife on game drives, bush walks or boating safaris on the River Shire.


3. Visit the Pristine, Deserted Paradise of Mumbo Island

Woman sits on the banks of Lake Malawi on Mumbo Island, Malawi.

Something you’ll discover on your holiday in Malawi is the many secret spots dotted around the country’s popular destinations. When in Lake Malawi National Park, Mumbo Island should be first on your list of places to visit in Malawi.

Immerse yourself in a unique experience that can only be described as ‘Castaway Luxury’ on a small, private island. Whether you’re seeking romance or adventure, Mumbo Island is the perfect place to enjoy a one-of-a-kind trip in the middle of Lake Malawi. The island also boasts some of the best luxury lodges in Malawi, offering an exclusive and secluded barefoot luxury getaway in a tropical paradise.


  • A small, deserted island in the middle of beautiful Lake Malawi.
  • Explore all the secret spots of the island on foot or kayak.
  • Enjoy adventure activities, like snorkelling, scuba diving and beachcombing.
  • Barefoot luxury in rustic yet chic accommodation.
  • Immerse yourself in the lush nature of the tropical island.


4. A Hidden Gem & Easy Logistics

Couple canoeing in Lake Malawi of Mumbo Island, Malawi.

The great thing about Malawi is that it’s largely a hidden gem in the grand scheme of things. When compared to its neighbours (Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique), Malawi sees fewer visitors yet offers a safari experience on the same level as its counterparts. This is great news for those seeking a trip that’s off the beaten track and away from the mass crowds seen by the more popular destinations.

Another plus when booking a trip to Malawi is the ease of travel logistics. The country’s ideal location in South-eastern Africa enables guests to combine their Malawi holiday packages with other top destinations in East and Southern Africa.


  • A hidden gem destination that offers off-the-beaten-track safaris away from mass crowds.
  • Easily combined with top East African destinations including Tanzania.
  • Easily combined with top Southern African destinations including South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


5. Adrenalin Pumping Adventure Activities

Woman stand up paddling in Lake Malawi, Malawi.

Lake Malawi is a playground for those with a hunger for adventure activities. There is virtually no end to the list of water-based sports and activities on offer. Kayaking and canoeing offer a great way to explore the lake and islands of Lake Malawi, while small sailing boats are perfect for leisurely sunset cruises on the water. The lake’s crystal-clear water is ideal for encountering the numerous marine life on scuba diving or snorkelling excursions. For those looking for more of a thrill, water skiing, sailboarding and stand-up paddling are great ways to get your adrenalin pumping.


  • Leisure activities include boat trips, canoeing and kayaking.
  • Enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving for underwater adventures.
  • Encounter the tropical fish that live in the lake.
  • Go water skiing, sailboarding or stand-up paddling.
What travellers most enjoyed about Malawi


Bird watching

Diving and snorkelling

Mokoro rides

Sunset cruises and boating

Wildlife and safari

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