Exclusive, pristine and secluded - it seems the islands of the Seychelles were naturally designed with romantic getaways in mind. And with over 100 islands to choose from, you can spend your Seychelles honeymoon island-hopping from one to another, discovering deserted coves, footprint-free beaches and teeming tropical reefs.

If complete exclusivity is required, a private island will give you an unrivalled honeymoon experience. Cousine Island and Denis Island are both excellent choices for private honeymoons while North Island - the 2011 honeymoon destination of Prince William and Kate – will make you feel like royalty. The beachfront accommodations at these destinations combine unashamed luxury with total seclusion, and feature amenities such as private pools and personal staff.

But it's not just about the beaches: La Digue - a picturesque island with quiet roads (there's little traffic besides ox wagons!) and heavenly swimming coves - is perfectly suited to be explored by bicycle and then there's also the magical underwater world to be discovered. The diving in the Seychelles is often described as some of the best in the world but you don't even have to be a diver: the snorkelling is easy and virtually as good.

Of course, these activities are optional - you could just as easily kick back in a hammock under a palm tree and toast the sunset and your new life together, returning to your secluded honeymoon suite for a private candlelit dinner on your private deck or at the ocean's edge. If there's one thing to remember about a Seychelles honeymoon, it's that it's on your terms.