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Maunga Village is a small community located on the periphery of Livingstone in Zambia. The village is very remote and has no running water, electricity, or mobile phone reception. Road infrastructure around Maunga is poor, with the nearest town about 20 kilometres (12 miles) away.

Access to quality education facilities is a big challenge in the village. While Maunga Primary School strives to provide basic education for children in this remote area, the school battles with issues that include:

  • Poor and old infrastructure with uninhabitable classrooms.
  • No nearby ablution facilities.
  • Lack of teaching materials and resources.
  • Staff shortage – teachers are allocated to the school by the local government, and for more teachers to be deployed to the school, the staff will need accommodation in the area.
  • High rate of absenteeism.
  • Learners come to school hungry – many walk long distances to school on an empty stomach.
  • Learners drop out of school to work or get married off – child marriages are increasing in Zambia due to factors like poverty and teenage pregnancies.
  • Learners have no educational support at home – parents are not educated and therefore unable to assist learners with schoolwork and homework.



Go2Africa’s Partnership with Maunga Primary School

Go2Africa has pledged to donate $30 to Maunga Village Primary School via the African Bush Camps Foundation for every trip booked with us that includes a night at one of our selected Zambian camps and lodges*. Our commitment is to donate at least $12,000 in our 2023 financial year.

Our aim is to help create an environment that is conducive to learning and provide equal opportunity for quality education and schooling. As part of our long-term commitment towards Maunga Primary School, we aim to address some of the challenges by sponsoring the following projects:

  • General repairs to the school building.
  • Building a new ablution block that is closer to school.
  • Painting classrooms and blackboards.
  • Replacing notice boards.
  • Repairing desks and chairs.
  • Providing learning materials.
  • Building a play park.
  • Building a school kitchen and an area where learners can eat meals.
  • Developing a vegetable garden.
  • Providing a solar inverter.

Improving the school’s facilities and providing access to food for learners will ensure that they attend school, are nourished, and that they can function, concentrate and focus better on their schoolwork. This will positively affect the school’s pass rate and the number of learners progressing to high school. An increased supply of healthy and nutritional produce to the school will go a long way to improving the quality of life in Maunga Village.

* These Zambian camps and lodges have been selected based on their proximity to Maunga Village, and commitment to sound community support: All African Bush Camps lodges, Tongabezi, Sussi & Chuma, Chundukwa, Toka Leya.

How You Can Make a Difference to Maunga Primary School

Go on a Positive Impact Safari
We offer a selection of Positive Impact safaris that will not only allow you to experience a magical safari in Zambia, but will also directly support Maunga Primary School in the form of a donation by Go2Africa, or a visit to the Maunga Village community:

Make a Donation

Can’t make it to Africa? You are welcome to make a direct donation to the improvement projects at Maunga Primary School.

Quality of Education & Life

We aim to improve the school pass rate, upgrade learning facilities and increase the quality of education for learners in Zambia. 

You can enquire with us about how you can get involved and contribute to Maunga Primary School. Book a Positive Impact safari with us.

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