2 Best Places to Visit in Congo

It is considered rather rare for a new travel destination to open in Africa, so the debut of Congo’s untamed rainforests is the most exciting development this decade! With all the tourist attractions in the Congo, we predict the country will soon become a very busy destination. While there are a ton of incredible places to visit in Congo, there are a few precious seasons that offer intrepid travellers a truly wild, unspoilt safari experience.

A Congo exploration is infused with a priceless and rare sense of authentic adventure. From start to finish you will encounter sights, sounds and scents that are unique or unusual, from the cathedrals and monuments of Brazzaville to the heart of the rainforest and the game-rich lagoons of the bai.

We’ve personally experienced the destinations, lodges and activities that we can now recommend in the Congo. You can view the video playlist of our Congo trip on YouTube.

1. Brazzaville: Congo's Capital

The Congo’s capital city and flight hub for Central West Africa is clean, organised and friendly. Places in Congo, including the spectacular rainforests, are reached only via charter flight from Brazzaville. The airy, modern airport receives inbound flights from main hubs including Nairobi (Kenya) and Johannesburg (South Africa) –– making it easy to combine a beach vacation with a traditional big game Congo safari. Known as the ‘Little Paris of Africa’, Brazzaville has a strong French culture. It is a delightful city and fun-filled day tours will take you to colourful markets showcasing exquisite local fabric, foods and other goods, as well as to see to historical Congo landmarks and fascinating architecture. While you’re there, there are a ton of hotels in Congo to stay at – each of which promise their own unique experience.

2. Odzala-Kokoua National Park: One of Africa's Oldest National Parks

When compiling your bucket list of Congo points of interest, you simply have to include the breathtaking Odzala-Kokoua National Park. And, if you’re wondering where to see gorillas in Africa, then look no further than right here.

  • Ngaga Camp shares its emerald address with a gorilla research team. Set deep in the rainforest, Ngaga provides a perfect base from which to explore the jungle and meet the fascinating individuals involved in habituating and studying its main attraction, the critically endangered western lowland gorillas. Discover the secret world of the forest on guided nature walks and gorilla trekking, in the knowledge that your tourist dollar contributes directly to conserving both the great apes and their habitat.
  • Lango Camp overlooks a shallow, mineral-rich lagoon (known locally as a ‘bai’), a favourite watering spot for shy forest buffalo and 500-strong flocks of parrots that showcases the beautiful scenery of the Congo. You can explore this primeval setting on guided nature walks, motorboat trips and kayaking adventures. Whichever environment you explore and whatever activities you choose, you will be in the excellent care of knowledgeable, passionate guides and expert trackers from the local community.
  • Mboko Camp is located in a grassy clearing on the edge of a riverine forest. This small and intimate lodge offers excellent access to the wildlife and wonder of Odzala-Kokoua National Park. From camp you can explore a multitude of habitats from dense forest on the hillside and gallery forests near the river to swampy grasslands where animals come to obtain their salts and minerals from the soil.