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Few other safari destinations can match Botswana’s density of wildlife. It's a place where buffalo and elephant gather in herds of hundreds.

The country’s heavyweight destinations like the Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park attract the most attention – and rightfully so. But some of the best game viewing is found away from the famous parks and in the private game reserves of Botswana. Completely exclusive and allowing access to privy places, Botswana's private safari areas offer all the classic big game thrills while staying at magnificent lodges and camps. But before we reveal our favourite private game reserves in Botswana, let’s have a look at the key differences between a safari in a national park and a private game reserve:

Private Game Reserve vs National Park

Private Game Reserve National Park
Ownership Privately owned and managed Government-owned and managed
Admission Only guests of the reserve Public
Self-drivers & Tour Buses
Safari Vehicles from Private Reserves
Guided Game Drives
Walking Safaris
Night Game Drives
Off-road Game Viewing
Vehicle Limit at Animal Sightings

Advantages of a Botswana Private Safari

Guided walking safaris are a privilege reserved for guests staying in Botswana’s private game reserves – one not afforded to those visiting the national parks. On these expeditions, you are accompanied by an armed tracker and an expert guide as you experience Africa like the first explorers did. Leaving the safari vehicle behind and approaching big game on foot is an exhilarating experience. You will also come to appreciate the smaller, more intimate details of the bush such as bird calls, animal tracks and dens, medicinal plants, and wildflowers.

Night game drives can only be experienced in private game reserves, as national parks require all vehicles to be off the roads by sunset. In a private game reserve, your guide can finish up the afternoon game drive at a scenic viewing spot (with a sundowner drink in hand) and then head back to the lodge slowly, sweeping a spotlight from side to side, catching the eyes of bush babies, giant owls and perhaps even Africa’s big cats (lions and leopards) which hunt at twilight.

Crowd-free game viewing is probably the biggest perk of a Botswana private safari. Seeing Africa’s iconic animals up close in their natural environment, undisturbed by a fleet of safari vehicles, is a richly rewarding experience. Usually, there’s only a handful or even just a single safari lodge on each private reserve or concession, ensuring that only a small, set number of guests are on the reserve at any given time.

Best Private Game Reserves in Botswana

1. Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, Chobe National Park


Taking its name from the Linyanti wetlands that lie between Chobe National Park and Namibia’s Caprivi, the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve reaches down into the Chobe and Savute regions. A breathtaking landscape of open floodplains, mopane woodland and tangled riverine forest, Linyanti is serious big game territory – especially late in Botswana’s dry winter months (about June to September). This is when impressive elephant and buffalo herds crowd the riverbanks and waterholes. The dry season is a dramatic time and an excellent opportunity to see Linyanti’s famously large lion prides in action; these big cats have made an art of hunting Africa’s heavyweight mammals like buffalo and elephant. Linyanti is also renowned for its phenomenal birdlife; avid twitchers will be in awe of the thousands of exotic birds that migrate to this region during Botswana’s Green Season.


  • One of Southern Africa’s best birdwatching destinations
  • High concentrations of elephant and buffalo
  • Excellent predator sightings, especially lions
  • Helicopter flips over the reserve
Linyanti, Botswana
LinyantiBushCamp-Dining-BomaCampFire LinyantiBushCamp-Exterior-DeckPatio LinyantiBushCamp-Dining-DeckPatio LinyantiBushCamp-SwimmingPool-Evening LinyantiBushCamp-UpperLevelBedroom-LuxuryRoom LinyantiBushCamp-Exterior-Bath LinyantiBushCamp-Bathroom-StandardRoom

Linyanti Bush Camp

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Bird watching Full-day safaris Game drives Guided walking safaris
Linyanti, Botswana
Exterior of King's Pool. A  a thatch-covered bar and dining area whose aesthetics are in complete harmony with the natural environment. Every meal at Kings Pool Camp is a gastronomic celebration of world flavours paired with appropriate wine. Wilderness-Safari-KingsPool-Botswana-5793 Wilderness-Safari-KingsPool-Botswana-8169 Wilerness -safari -kings-pool Plenty of activities in Linyanti, Botswana.

King's Pool Camp

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Bird watching Day tours Fishing Game drives

2. Selinda Reserve, Okavango Delta

There are only a few thousand African wild dogs left in the wild and Botswana’s Selinda Reserve boasts regular sightings of a thriving pack of these rare and exceptional hunters. Furthermore, this private reserve is home to elephants by the thousands and the stars of National Geographic’s Birth of a Pride, the famous Selinda Lion Pride. The Selinda Spillway is a shallow channel that mysteriously started flowing in 2006 and connects the northern Okavango Delta to the Linyanti and Chobe River systems. It’s the ideal destination for canoe and walking safaris; one of the most pristine wilderness areas left on the planet.


  • Remote and untouched wilderness
  • Large numbers of elephant, buffalo and lion
  • Regular sightings of rare wild dog
  • Phenomenal canoe and walking safaris
Okavango Delta, Botswana
GreatPlains-SelindaCamp-2019-SunriseAndrewHoward055 GreatPlains-SelindaCamp-2019-Sunrise-AndrewHoward011-1 GreatPlains-SelindaCamp-2019-Main-AreaAndrewHoward080 GreatPlains-SelindaCamp-2019-Main-Lounge-AndrewHoward105 GreatPlains-SelindaCamp-2019-Room-AndrewHoward113 GreatPlains-SelindaCamp-2019-Room-bathroomAndrewHoward170 SelindaCamp-Food-Dining-GreatPlainsConservation-14

Selinda Camp

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Bird watching Boat excursions Bush dining Full-day safaris
Okavango Delta, Botswana
Mapula Lodge’s main area is an ideal spot to relax with a good book from the small library, or to keep watch over the wildlife in the lagoon below. Enjoy thrilling game drives in pristine wilderness, home to a large variety of animals. Four-poster beds are draped with mosquito nets and complimented by ultra-comfortable feather pillows and magnificent views. Your nest at Mapula Lodge offers complete privacy under the embracing shade of the island’s trees. Spot a breath-taking variety of predators like elusive leopard. The Okavango Delta is one of Africa’s last remaining Edens. Leopards are masters of stealth and camouflage – spotting one is a real treat!

Mapula Lodge

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Day tours Game drives Mokoro trails

3. Vumbura Reserve, Okavango Delta


The Vumbura Reserve features classic Okavango Delta scenery: large, tranquil lagoons edged with forests of towering teak trees lie between grassy floodplains dotted with tree islands. Here is where you’ll see water-loving antelope like lechwe grazing alongside beautiful woodland species like sable. This is one of Botswana’s most scenic areas, with a reputation for big cat sightings and excellent year-round bird watching – you can tick off species like slaty egrets, wattled cranes and the elusive Pel’s fishing owl. With a fantastic variety of habitats, a great diversity of wildlife and an enormous traversing area, Vumbura is one of the best private game reserves in Botswana.


  • Superb predator sightings
  • Excellent year-round bird watching
  • Motorboat and mokoro excursions
  • Hot-air balloon safaris
Okavango Delta, Botswana
VumburaPlains-Exterior-ArealView VumburaPlains-Exterior-DeckPatio VumburaPlains-Interior-Lounge VumburaPlains-Exterior-BalconyVerandah VumburaPlains-Interior-LuxuryRoom VumburaPlains-UpperLevelBedroom-LuxuryRoom VumburaPlains-SwimmingPool-Elephant

Vumbura Plains

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Bird watching Boat excursions Bush dining Fishing
Okavango Delta, Botswana
LittleVumbura-Exterior-ArialView LittleVumbura-Exterior-DeckPatio LittleVumbura-Dining-BomaCampFire LittleVumbura-Dining-Drinks LittleVumbura-Dining-Evening LittleVumbura-Interior-GuestArea LittleVumbura-UpperLevelBedroom-LuxuryRoom

Little Vumbura Camp

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Bird watching Boat excursions Bush dining Fishing

4. Mombo Concession, Okavango Delta

Lying in the exclusive Mombo Concession of the Moremi Game Reserve, Chief’s Island is the Okavango Delta’s largest piece of dry land, a position that means it’s packed with animals. Famous as the Delta’s ‘predator capital’ – wild dogs are prolific here – Chief’s Island is also where both black and white rhinos were reintroduced to the wild after decades of absence. It’s still not easy to see rhinos in the country, but a Botswana private safari in the Mombo Concession gives you a decent chance.


  • Some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the Okavango Delta
  • Exquisite camps and lodges
  • Mokoro safaris
  • Rare rhino sightings
Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana
sr001369 Entrance to Sanctuary Chief's Camp. Lounge and bar area. Relax and catch up on some reading. The main deck swimming pool overlooks the Delta. Wake up to incredible views. Your quiet sanctuary.

Sanctuary Chief's Camp

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Bush dining Full-day safaris Game drives Helicopter flights
Okavango Delta, Botswana
MomboCamp-Exterior-ArealView MomboCamp-Exterior-DeckPatio MomboCamp-Entrance-MainEntrance MomboCamp-Dining-BomaCampFire MomboCamp-Exterior-BomaCampFire MomboCamp-Interior-CommunalArea MomboCamp-UpperLevelBedroom-Bathroom

Mombo Camp

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Bird watching Game drives Photographic safaris Private game-drives

5. Khwai Private Reserve, Okavango Delta


Thanks to its perfect position between the Chobe National Park and the Moremi Game Reserve, game viewing in the Khwai Private Reserve benefits from the magnificent wildlife (especially elephants) that roams from these productive conservation areas. In addition, the reserve’s Khwai River is also a magnet for big game and a plethora of bird species, especially raptors. Khwai is a haven for antelope like sable, impala and roan, as well as predators like lion, leopard and wild dog.


  • Incredible game viewing, especially elephants and big cats
  • Fantastic birdwatching
  • Intimate and authentic safari camps
  • Aquatic safari activities like boat and mokoro cruises
  • Spending a night in a star-bed
Okavango Delta, Botswana
SableAlley-UpperLevelBedroom-ArealView SableAlley-Dining-BomaCampFire SableAlley-Interior-Lounge SableAlley-Interior-LuxuryRoom SableAlley-Bathroom-FamilyRoom SableAlley-Bathroom-Honeymoon SableAlley-Interior-Bathroom

Sable Alley

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Game drives Guided walks Mokoro trails Sundowners
Okavango Delta, Botswana
HyenaPanTentedCamp-SwimmingPool-ArialView HyenaPanTentedCamp-Exterior-ArialView HyenaPanTentedCamp-Dining-Afternoon HyenaPanTentedCamp-Dining-ArialView HyenaPanTentedCamp-Dining-BomaCampFire HyenaPanTentedCamp-UpperLevelBedroom-Afternoon HyenaPanTentedCamp-Bathroom-StandardRoom

Hyena Pan Tented Camp

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Day tours Game drives Game viewing Guided walks

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