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At Go2Africa, we believe in the power of travel making a Positive Impact on the world. But, how do you travel with a purpose? We have curated a collection of our best Trips with a Purpose in Africa. They offer immersive, hands-on experiences that directly support local communities, environmental work, and wildlife conservation. Every safari booked with us contributes to Positive Impact on the continent, but our Trips with a Purpose include an additional financial contribution that goes towards specific projects - making you an active contributor, engaging in meaningful travel experiences.

If you are passionate about learning about different cultures and the empowerment of the people of Africa, or taking part in conservation activities with the aim of conserving Africa’s wild species for future generations, these are our top ten picks:

East Africa

1. Kenya’s Community & Conservation Safari

Duration: 9 Days | Destinations: 3

Cultural interactions with the Maasai tribe in Kenya | Go2Africa

Kenya is a breathtaking safari destination that boasts stunning natural landscapes, unforgettable cultural experiences, world-class game viewing, and the incredible spectacle of the Wildebeest Migration. It’s no surprise that Kenya is considered the birthplace of safari.

During this purposeful travel in Kenya, you will traverse the plains of iconic safari parks while enjoying immersive cultural and wildlife excursions. This safari circuit includes Nairobi National Park, Amboseli National Park and ends off in the Masai Mara. Along the way, all the classic elements of what makes a safari special are included and are paired perfectly with visits to inspiring projects, geared towards community upliftment and the protection of wildlife.


  • Roam three renowned Kenyan parks, staying in authentic eco-friendly camps.
  • Visit the Amboseli Elephant Research Project, home to the world’s longest study of elephants.
  • Stop by the Wildlife Tourism College of the Masai Mara.
  • Private conservancies for off-the-beaten-track game viewing.
  • Nature walks with Maasai guides.
  • Actively support local communities and conservation initiatives.

2. Saruni’s Conservation & Community Experience

Duration: 10 Days | Destinations: 2

This 10-day journey is perfect for anyone wanting to experience a classic Kenya safari while actively participating in conservation and community experiences. While in the Samburu National Park, Saruni Rhino offers an exclusive encounter – rhino tracking on foot. You will learn about the conservation journey of making sure that there is a safe and prosperous future for this critically endangered species. You will also stay in understated luxury and meet the celebrated Maasai warriors (custodians of this ancient land) and pay a visit to an elephant orphanage.

The next part of your journey takes you to the Masai Mara. The vast savannah unfolds before your eyes, and you can’t help but feel a sense of wonder at the raw, untamed beauty of the landscape. Famous for its fantastic year-round game viewing, this is where you will enjoy the hospitality of the Maasai, and you can opt to take a hot air balloon safari, floating quietly over the plains below – the epitome of immersive travel in Kenya.


  • Experience rhino tracking at Saruni Rhino, getting close to these critically endangered creatures on foot.
  • Visit a local Maasai market.
  • Thrilling 4X4 game drives and walking safaris.
  • Visit the Reteti Elephant Orphanage.
  • Ideal for travelling families with younger children.
Samburu, Kenya
Saruni Rhino Swimming Pool Saruni-Rhino-Banda-1-Bedroom-at-Saruni-Rhino Saruni-Rhino-Banda-2-bedroom-and-verandah-over-the-river-at-Saruni-Rhino Saruni-Rhino-Banda-2-Tree-bed-with-a-view-to-the-waterhole-at-Saruni-Rhino Saruni-Rhino-Breakfast-with-the-eles Saruni-Rhino-dry-river-bed-4 Saruni-Rhino-Outdoor-living-at-Saruni-Rhino-Family-Banda

Saruni Rhino

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Bird watching Bush dining Game drives Guided walking safaris
Masai Mara, Kenya
Saruni_Mara_Game-driving-through-the-Migration Saruni_Mara_Hot-air-balloon-over-the-Migration-by-Tom-Harding Saruni_Mara_Maasai-warriors-jumping Saruni_Mara_Picnic-lunch-under-the-acacia-trees Saruni_Mara_The-Artist's-Studio-Bedroom-overlooking-the-valley-at-Saruni-Mara Saruni_Mara_Themed-Rooms-at-Saruni-Mara_The-Artist's-Studio Saruni_Mara_Walking-the-Mara-plains-with-giraffe

Saruni Mara

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Bird watching Bush dining Cultural visits Game drives
Amboseli National Park, Kenya
Porini_Amboseli_Camp_exterior-tent Elephants enjoy a wallow in the waterhole. Dramatic skies in Amboseli. The mess tent. porini-amboseli-camp-gallery-image-26-14450030491 Porini Amboseli Camp_porini_0301 Tent interior.

Porini Amboseli Camp

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Bird watching Cultural visits Full-day safaris Game drives

3. Tanzania’s Hands-On Conservation Safari

Duration: 9 Days | Destinations: 3

A conservation safari at Usangu Expedition Camp, Tanzania | Go2Africa

Spend 9 days in Tanzania while on this hands-on conservation safari. You will travel into two of Tanzania’s largest and most pristine reserves, Nyerere National Park and Ruaha National Park. This is Africa at its most wild, remote and exclusive; visitors to this remote part of Africa often speak of feeling as if they had the parks all to themselves.

The immersive travel in Tanzania begins in Nyerere, where you will be awe-struck by nature: imagine giraffes wandering past your room, walking safaris, game drives and even boating safaris. It’s then off to Ruaha National Park for a stay at Usangu Expedition Camp. This is where you will be actively involved in conservation initiatives from positioning camera traps to tracking collared wildlife using telemetry, and be able to flex your own conservation muscle.


  • Join researchers at the Douglas Bell Eco Research Station, assisting with tracking collared lions and positioning camera traps.
  • Stay at luxurious and exclusive safari lodges.
  • Fly-in destinations for more time spent on safari.
  • Game drives, guided walks and river safaris.

4. Tanzania’s Culture & Wildlife Safari

Duration: 11 Days | Destinations: 3

Community interactions at Mwiba Lodge, Tanzania | Go2Africa

You will spend 11 days exploring some of Tanzania’s most famous northern safari circuit routes – with the added element of purposeful travel in Tanzania. You begin in Arusha, on a working coffee plantation to ease your way into a jam-packed safari adventure. It’s then on to Tarangire National Park, the home of tree-climbing lions and a best-kept secret destination, away from the crowds. The game viewing is nothing short of remarkable and you’ll have the chance to meet the Barabaig tribe, who have occupied these plains for more than 150 years.

It’s then on to the Serengeti National Park, the flagship reserve of Tanzania. This safari icon delivers incredible game viewing and is best known for its front-row seats to nature’s grandest spectacle, the Great Migration.


  • Strong focus on community interactions with ancient tribes virtually untouched by western civilisation.
  • Stay at luxury lodges and camps throughout your trip.
  • See tree-climbing lions in Tarangire and the Great Migration in the Serengeti.
  • All kinds of safari activities including hot air balloon rides & guided nature walks.
  • Spending time in Tanzania’s top safari destinations.
  • Make a Positive Impact by supporting community projects.

5. Tanzania’s Conservation & Community Safari

Duration: 10 Days | Destinations: 3

Cheetah Research Project at Namiri Plains, Tanzania | Go2Africa

Three of Tanzania’s heavy hitters, Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Serengeti are brought together in this conservation and community-focused adventure – one of our best Trips with a Purpose in Tanzania. You begin in Tarangire, a protected area of colossal baobabs, grassy plains and huge herds of elephant. This national park receives a fraction of the Serengeti’s visitors, which means more space and exclusivity. While here, you will have the opportunity to learn about vital lion conservation efforts.

It’s then on the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, with a luxurious stay at the Highlands – right on the edge of a mountain that borders the Olmoti Volcano. It’s here that you will spend time with one of the most famous tribes on the continent, the Maasai. The final leg of your journey takes you into the Serengeti, promising some of the best predator sightings in East Africa, including the fastest land mammal, cheetah.


  • Luxury safari accommodations in private game reserves.
  • Learn about lion conservation efforts with the Tarangire Lion Research Initiative.
  • Spend some time with a Serengeti Cheetah Project
  • Exceptional big game viewing.
  • Engage with the famed Maasai and learn all about their fascinating traditions.
Ruaha, Tanzania
Asilia-Usangu-Trails-Camp-Star-Cube-Tent-sunset Usangu-A-family-of-elephants-gather-in-the-long-grasses Usangu-Lion-stretches-out-after-a-nap Usangu-Private-vehicle-and-guide Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Usangu Expedition Camp

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Boat-based safaris Game drives Guided walking safaris Researcher interaction
Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
TheHighlandsNgorongoro-UpperLevelBedroom-ArealView TheHighlandsNgorongoro-Exterior-ArealView TheHighlandsNgorongoro-Interior-GuestArea TheHighlandsNgorongoro-Exterior-BathShower TheHighlandsNgorongoro-Interior-Breakfast TheHighlandsNgorongoro-Interior-LuxuryRoom TheHighlandsNgorongoro-Bathroom-LuxuryRoom

The Highlands Ngorongoro

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
4x4 Drives Bird watching Cultural visits (additional cost) Full-day safaris
Serengeti, Tanzania
lMwiba_Lodge_egendary_expeditions_-_mwiba_experiences__wildlife_-_scott_ramsay13 Mwiba_Lodge__library_dining Mwiba_Lodge_-swimming-pool Mwiba_Lodge_game-drive Mwiba_Lodge_legendary_expeditions_-_datoga_-_scott_ramsay2 Mwiba_Lodge_legendary_expeditions_-_mwiba_lodge_-_fly-camping_under_an_acacia_tree Mwiba_Lodge_legendary_expeditions_-_mwiba_lodge_-_sundowners_3

Mwiba Lodge

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
4x4 Drives Bush dining Cultural visits Game drives
Southern Africa

6. South Africa’s Big Five, Wine & Conservation Safari

Duration: 11 Days | Destinations: 3

Rhino conservation in South Africa | Go2Africa

Make a positive impact with your travel spend on this 11-day Big Five, Wine & Conservation safari in South Africa. Each destination shares a strong passion for conservation and protecting the country’s vulnerable wildlife, while contributing to community empowerment.

Marataba Explorer’s Camp, in the Marakele National Park, and Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge, in the Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, are both malaria-free and game-rich destinations. On this safari sojourn, you will be actively involved in various projects run by passionate conservationists, most notably, with their rhino conservation efforts.

In-between the two safaris, you will spend some time in South Africa’s gourmet capital, Franschhoek. A sanctuary of phenomenal food, wine, art and breathtaking landscapes. This tour is perfect for families, adventure seekers, or even romantic getaways with a meaningful spin.


  • Participate in rhino conservation efforts in the malaria-free Marakele National Park.
  • Revel in food, wine & history in the Cape Winelands.
  • Enjoy a classic safari at Kwandwe Game Reserve.
  • Explore Africa on foot on guided walking safaris.
  • Armchair safari experiences.

7. Botswana’s Delta & Culture Safari

Duration: 7 Days | Destinations: 1

Elephant sightings in the Okavango Delta, Botswana | Go2Africa

Embark on a 7-day journey through Africa’s Okavango Delta. Your adventure starts at Nxamaseri Island Lodge, located in the Panhandle of the Delta. This is where you’ll engage with the local community and gain insights into how they survive and thrive in these wild lands. You will also visit Tsodilo Hills, a sacred national treasure with over 4,500 rock paintings dating back millennia.

Next, it’s on to Xugana Island Lodge, situated in a private concession that showcases a stunning watery paradise. Glide through the waterways in traditional mokoros or take thrilling power boat cruises with expert local guides. Finally, end your journey at Camp Xakanaxa, rated as one of the top game-viewing destinations in Africa. Explore the pristine wilderness on game drives and boat tours, discovering an abundance of wildlife along the Khwai River.


  • Trips with a Purpose in Botswana that support local communities through cultural visits.
  • Stay at luxury safari lodges and camps in the pristine Okavango Delta.
  • Visit the ancient rock art site of Tsodilo Hills (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).
  • The best of both worlds – water- and land-based safari adventures.
  • Guided nature walks on nearby islands.
  • Catch-and-release fishing (in season).

8. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Community & Wildlife Safari

Duration: 10 Days | Destinations: 3

This tour is the definition of immersive travel in Southern Africa. You will travel for 10 days into the heart of the continent, where you will meet and engage with the locals, learning about what is being done to empower them. You begin in Victoria Falls, where you will stay at a contemporary safari lodge that has a direct relationship with us and with Maunga Primary School. This is where you will be introduced to behind-the-scenes community development that makes travel meaningful.

It’s then on to Zimbabwe’s largest reserve, Hwange National Park. Staying in a private concession you will take part in walking safaris, night drives and game viewing from secret hides. You will also visit local communities before your last leg at Lake Kariba. Nestled into remote hills that cradle the lake, you can spend the last few days sun-soaking and relaxing.


  • Excellent wildlife viewing on game drives and guided bush walks.
  • Stay at exquisite safari lodges.
  • Immersive cultural experiences that support the empowerment of local communities.
  • Visit the ‘Smoke that Thunders’, Victoria Falls.
  • See Zambia’s undiscovered riviera, Lake Kariba.
Eastern Cape, South Africa
Dine with a view of Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Lodge lounge interior of Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge in South Africa. Suite interior of Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa. View from your suite at Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Private plunge pool at Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge. Ensuite bathroom at Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Outdoor shower at Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Animal tracking experience Cultural visits Guided walking safaris Guided walks
Victoria Falls, Zambia
ThorntreeRiverLodge-Exterior-ArealView ThorntreeRiverLodge-Dining-BomaCampFire ThorntreeRiverLodge-Exterior-DeckPatio ThorntreeRiverLodge-Interior-GuestArea ThorntreeRiverLodge-SwimmingPool-CommunalArea ThorntreeRiverLodge-UpperLevelBedroom-LuxuryRoom ThorntreeRiverLodge-Bathroom-LuxuryRoom

Thorntree River Lodge

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Canoeing Cultural visits Fishing Game drives

9. Zambia’s Community & Conservation Safari

Duration: 10 Days | Destinations: 3

Community school visits at Tongabezi Lodge, Zambia | Go2Africa

Join a magnificent 10-day journey that will take you to some of Africa’s most iconic destinations. The adventure begins at Victoria Falls, where you’ll stay at the magnificent Tongabezi Lodge, and experience an unforgettable stay filled with thrilling activities.

After a picturesque short-haul flight, it’s off to the breathtaking Shawa Luangwa Camp in South Luangwa National Park. This region is widely known as the birthplace of walking safaris and boasts highly skilled guides, as well as vast and unspoilt wilderness. The last stop is the stunning Kaya Mawa Lodge, located on the ‘Lake of Stars’, Lake Malawi – renowned for its natural scenery, rich cultural heritage and fascinating history. Along the way, you will visit many community projects and gain fascinating insights into the vibrant people of Africa.


  • Walking safaris in the famed South Luangwa National Park.
  • Award-winning safari lodges to stay at.
  • Visit Africa’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls.
  • Stay at the ‘Lake of Stars’, Lake Malawi.
  • Make a positive impact by supporting conservation and community projects.

10. Namibia Desert & Community Safari

Duration: 10 Days | Destinations: 3

The Himba tribe in Namibia | Go2Africa

Embark on a 10-day journey through three of Namibia’s most sought-after travel destinations – Sossusvlei, Damaraland and Kaokoveld. This extraordinary itinerary has a strong emphasis on community, providing you with opportunities to engage with local communities and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the people who make Namibia a unique and remarkable country.

Experience a thrilling desert adventure that also includes hiking up dunes, hot-air balloon rides, and quad bike excursions. With unforgettable adventures, authentic cultural experiences, and luxurious accommodation, this is an itinerary not to be missed.


  • Luxury safari lodges and camps in private conservancies.
  • Includes some of Namibia’s most celebrated destinations, like Sossusvlei.
  • A hub of safari activities including game drives, nature walks & quad-biking.
  • Excellent game viewing.
  • Meet the famous Himba tribe, as well as other traditional Namibian communities.
  • Cultural experiences that include school visits and the Damara Living Museum.
Lake Malawi, Malawi
Each suite has a beautiful en-suite bathroom, including a bath with a view!
Just another perfect evening on the shores of Lake Malawi, complete with a private dinner for two.
The lodge is set right on the beach, with easy access for snorkelling, kayaking and swimming.
The lodge is fully PADI certified and has two in-house qualified dive instructors.
Honeymooners will love the peaceful environment of Likoma Island, where there is plenty of space to relax, unwind and celebrate.
Spend time relaxing on the main deck in front of the lodge, or enjoy a swim in the plunge pool.
Enjoy a private dinner or lunch on the little island just off the beach, or go snorkelling in the bay.

Kaya Mawa Lodge

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Biking Bird watching Boat excursions Fishing
Kaokoveld, Namibia
Serra Cafema, tucked away on the banks of the Kunene River. Deep in the Hartmann Valley of the northern part of Namibia. Wonderful views to be enjoyed from the deck. The desert views are exceptional. A suite at Serra Cafema. Take an exotic boat trip along the river. Quad biking excursions.

Serra Cafema Camp

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Boat excursions Cultural visits Dune walks & drives Full-day safaris
Victoria Falls, Zambia
TongabeziLodge-Exterior-ArealView TongabeziLodge-Dining-Evening TongabeziLodge-Dining-BomaCampFire TongabeziLodge-SwimmingPool-DeckPatio TongabeziLodge-Exterior-BomaCampFire TongabeziLodge-Interior-LuxuryRoom TongabeziLodge-SwimmingPool-SkyBed

Tongabezi Lodge

Activities Travellers Enjoyed
Boat excursions Cultural visits Day tours Fishing

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